Now might be a good time to check your privacy settings as Facebook have just unveiled the ‘subscribe’ button. In a bid to further compete with Twitter & Google+, this feature allows users to subscribe to other people’s public updates which will appear in their news feeds. Public updates are those which are not restricted by any privacy settings, indexed by Google and can therefore be seen by anyone online.

“The ‘subscribe’ button means that as well as friends on the site, Facebook users can now have followers that they don’t know, just like on Twitter. Interestingly when a Facebook user sends a friend request to another person on the site, they instantly become a subscriber to that user’s public updates – unless the user turns the subscribe button off” – Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor of The Telegraph.

Facebook Subscribe Button

To check your subscription settings, click the ‘subscriptions’ link on the left-hand side of your profile. If your privacy setting are already locked down like mine, then the subscribers should be turned off too.

Facebook Subscribe Button

Another new feature launched by Facebook this week was Smart Lists, a new tool which is being seen as a direct response to ‘Circles’ in Google+. This feature makes it easier for people to group their Facebook friends into different categories, so a user can control who they see the most or least information from. Smart Lists automatically groups friends with common characteristics into Friend Lists based on their relationships and what they have in common.

Source: The Telegraph


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